Youtube App For Iphone


Youtube App will come with a new feature, After the launch of IPHONE X . Youtube has launched a new feature which allows the user to enjoy the videos in Full Screen Mode. This is the first time ever when the user experience the HD quality videos in IOS With Full Screen Viewing Support With an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

Most of the users have already got the IPHONE X. Developers are working hard on updating their apps to support the mold-breaking 2:1 display of the device, which is first for the Apple.  The latest version of the Youtube is v12.43. 

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For getting the new feature or full screen viewing Support , You have to Update the old version of the Youtube App. Once you update the Youtube App on your IPHONE , You will be able to pinch in on any video and it will fill in Full Screen. YouTube, like most other video streaming sites, offers content in an 16:9 aspect ratio.

Why You Don’t Have to Update the Youtube App   

The new feature is exciting but it comes with a big threat or we can say disadvantage. It crops content to a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

When viewing content in Full Screen On the IPHONE , Some of the Video will be cropped from the top and bottom as well as the notch.  The update for YouTube for iOS is now available, and users can upgrade right away. As we know every coins has two sides, On the same way every app has also some its advantage and disadvantage. Maybe some of you feel like it’s not a big issue then this new feature is for you.

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