Welcome Again to the TechoAndroid. In today’s life every person has a smartphone and everybody knows how to use Android Apps ?

So, Today we are going to discuss about such things that makes your life or smartphone more easier to use. Yes , You think right we will discuss about the Top 5 Android Apps of the Week.

1. Wondershare Dr. Fone For Android 


          Dr. Fone is the amazing android app for smartphones. It is basically use for recovery your files deleted files. This is the best software for recovery purpose but your smartphone must be rooted to use this Software. If your phone is not rooted, Don’t Worry. You can recovered your files with the help of PC ( Personal Computer) . First of all PC rooted your phone -> Install the app -> Recovered the deleted files -> Unroot again . Your phone again be unrooted ( Your warranty period will remain safe).

You can download it from here : Dr. Fone2.


Live net tv best android app of the week

 Live Net TV is the next best android app of the week . It is because of its functionality and live HD channels. If we talk about this app, It has very small size approx. 6 MB and  It’s provides live tv channels without any cost . The best part of this app is, it contains all the popular channels of every Country ( Each channel have minimum 4 to 5 servers ). This app is not found in Google Play Store, It will be downloaded from the external source.

Download this App : Live Net Tv

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3. Screen Keeper

 Screen Keeper- screenshot thumbnail        Our next app is Screen KeeperScreen Keeper will help you keep your screen On while out hunting monsters trying to be the very best. The screen will still dim, but will stay on so you don’t have to keep interacting with it while you walk around.

Simply select which mode you’d like to use and press the arrow button. The screen keeper service will be activated in whatever mode is selected and a certain monster hunting app will be launched.

Download it from here : Screen Keeper

4. Zoetropic


 Zoetropic - Photo in motion- screenshot thumbnail

 Zoetropic Gives the movement in stationary photos. Zoetropic is an amazing application which gives the life in dead pictures. With the help of this app, You can create videos of your stationary photos and fun. Use the movement tool at each point you want to give life and direct the effect. With the stabilization tool you define that point not be moved, avoiding undesired distortions.

Download it from here : Zoetropic

5.  App Browzer

Screen 31

AppBrowzer is the world’s first mobile app store for Instant apps. AppBrowzer, as the name suggests, works like an App Browser

It is one app for all your daily needs and gives instant access to several apps for online shopping, recharge mobile, postpaid mobile bill payment, booking cabs, movie tickets, flight booking, train booking, deals and coupons, news, ordering food, pay bills and more. It is recognized as the best new app for productivity by 50K+ daily users. Having 200+ instant apps, This browser is a permanent solution of your time and phone’s space.

Download it from here : App Browzer

       I hope you like this article . If any one of you have any query or suggestion, Please mention it on the comment box. Thank you

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